Their photos below are manipulated from original studio portraits from the STARS archive.

Zoé E. HEADLEY, Social anthropologist

© STARS Archive

Zoe Headley initiated the STARS project. She is CNRS Research Fellow. She was the principal coordinator in the constitution of the STARS archive (EAP 737, EAP946).

K. Ramesh KUMAR, Photographer

© STARS Archive

Mr. K. Ramesh Kumar, Photographer at joined the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP)  in 1997 a photographer. He is presently the head of the IFP Photo Archive and co-coordinated the constitution of the STARS archive (EAP 737, EAP 946).

Alexandra De HEERING, Historian

© STARS Archive

Alexandra de Heering is a postdoctoral researcher (FNRS, Belgium) and research associate at the French Institute of Pondicherry, India.  She co-coordinated EAP 946.

Vanessa CARU, Historian

© STARS Archive


Vanessa Caru is CNRS Research Fellow in contemporary social history at French Institute of Pondicherry. Her research within the STARS project focuses on the emergence of the studio photographers as a professional group.