Portraits of the past

The HINDU- March 13, 2015

“An exhibition of photographs on a wall on Goubert Avenue, traces the social history of Tamil studio photography and family  portraiture in South India

You can’t miss it if you are walking down Goubert Avenue (Beach Road) on the stretch where the back wall of the Institut Francais de Pondichery faces the sea. It’s likely you’ll find people standing around, gazing, reading, pointing and talking animatedly. Go over and you won’t be disappointed at what you find. On the wall – a series of walls – is an exhibition of old portraits (photographs) from across Tamil Nadu, gathered under the title Heritage of the Family: Tamil Studio Portraiture (1880 – 1980). Take a good look and read the accompanying text, and two facts come to light: these painstakingly-collected studio photographs offer a peek at the family history of Tamils over the decades, after photography came to India; they expose the importance Tamil families attached to family portraiture.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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