Naked Babes and Garland Corpses

CEIAS Newsletter N°10, Spring 2015

Report by Zoé E. Headley

“When I arrived at the IFP in the summer of 2013, my initial purpose was to pursue my ethnographic work on conflict management at the village level and coordinate the completion of a five year project on vulnerable village records. Amid the books, files and personal items I brought along with me for this three year stay was a box of some thirty ‘vintage’ Tamil studio prints which I had collected several years back whilst doing fieldwork in south-central Tamil Nadu. I had purchased these family photos in the shadowy lanes of what is known as the ‘Sunday market’ in Madurai. There, amid oily bicycle chains, rusted water pumps, sheets of tarpaulin, gutted radios, live poultry and pets, was a small shop buying and selling dismantled…” READ THE FULL REPORT

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